Ionut Botezatu


Gasiena Limited is an East London based construction company that provides a range of residential, commercial and industrial building services.

Our expertise in residential property development has led to the completion of refurbishment, conversions and renovations.


Our builders have a broad range of skills and are very knowledgable. They are health and safety conscious, polite and tidy during day to day operations on the building site. We have strict policies relating to on site behaviour and are proud to be taking construction standards into the 21st century !!



We take great pride in our workmanship and deliver innovative solutions for traditional and modern construction projects to a high standard of service and build quality. We are happy to provide any references for projects we have completed.

Communication is key throughout all projects and by having a full understanding of our clients requirements we can accomplish the work on time and within budget. This communication continues with ongoing support after the contract is complete.

As building contractors our many years of experience has led to our involvement in all aspects of the construction industry. This equips us to professionally, effectively and carefully manage all phases of your project from design and planning through to completion.

Working with selected, trusted and professional sub contractors, where required, and by using carefully sourced materials we ensure our buildings are high quality, safe and cost effective. We also understand our environmental responsibilities and carry our work with this in mind.


Ionut Botezatu

Ionut C. Botezatu

Managing Director